A Focus On Family Law And Mediation

Often, couples who do not agree on the terms of their divorce still wish to avoid the expense of litigation. They also do not want to risk the serious legal, financial or child custody consequences of making a mistake in a "do-it-yourself" divorce.

Avoid The Expense Of Going To Trial By Considering Non-Court Options

There are other options — good, creative solutions that are less expensive than litigation and less risky than do-it-yourself divorce. Plus, you do not have to forgo having the advice of an experienced Pleasanton family law attorney to help you through. You can call me at 925-401-7339 to arrange a consultation.

The Options Available To You

There is no risk in contacting me for a free consultation to understand what options you may have and how you can save money by avoiding the court system. I can explain the following alternatives to litigation and do-it-yourself divorce:

  • Mediation advocacy — If you and your spouse agree to allow me to mediate your divorce, you will have the benefit of my 45-plus years of legal experience guiding you and your spouse to an agreement that works for you and your children. You can still hire an attorney to review the agreement if you wish and still spend significantly less than going to court.
  • Arbitration and private judging — With more than 45 years of trial experience, I can represent you in an arbitration. An arbitration is an out-of-court procedure in which a neutral person hears each party's side of the case and makes a decision. I have also served as a neutral arbitrator in many cases.
  • Collaborative law dispute resolution — Through this voluntary, non-adversarial process, lawyers and clients are encouraged to discuss the issues and share information. Both parties have agreed that they will not go to court. If they wish to do so, they will have to hire new lawyers.
  • Cooperative negotiation — Two attorneys negotiate without hidden agendas and agree to cooperate.

Keep Your Divorce Out Of Court

With these alternative methods of resolving your divorce issues, you do not have to choose between cost and quality. Additionally, when you keep your divorce out of the courts, you retain the most control over the outcome, which is especially important when determining custody and support.

You know your children better than anyone else. A judge or jury will rely on guidelines set by the legislature that are in no way personalized to your family's situation.

Helping Resolve Your Divorce Efficiently

Silverman Divorce & Mediation Law, with offices available in Pleasanton and San Ramon, California, serves clients in the 580-680 corridor, The East Bay and Tri-Valley areas and Contra Costa and Alameda counties. Please call me for a free initial consultation at 925-401-7339 or contact me online.