Asset Valuation And Division Lawyer

Property owned by the couple accumulated during their marriage must be divided between the spouses in a fair and equitable way when they divorce. Choosing an out-of-court resolution and termination procedure, like mediation or arbitration, can help you to agree upon the value of your marital property. Early and out-of-court agreement as to the value of property can save thousands of dollars in the long term. Please arrange an appointment at 925-460-8000.

Asset Valuation Can Be More Contentious Than Almost Any Other Issue

I am attorney Bruce S. Silverman, and I have assisted hundreds of clients reach an agreement on how to divide the property they accumulated during their marriage and on what it is worth. I have helped couples dividing assets after short-term marriages or with little marital property to those with multimillion-dollar marital estates. I can coordinate the resources and experts needed, if necessary, to assist you with:

  • Valuation of marital property such as homes, second and third homes, stocks, options, retirement accounts, pension plans, family and other businesses and interests in professional practices
  • Distribution of assets, including assets that generate monthly income, have a personal meaning for one spouse or the other, pet visitation and custody schedules, artwork and antiques

When people try to make agreements without an attorney's help, they can — and do — make costly mistakes. What I see most often is people forget, or simply do not understand, the federal and state tax consequences of exchanging certain types of property. You might not even incur a tax liability until you sell the asset years from now.

A common pitfall for many couples who do not use a lawyer, is when they exchange the value of a pension fund or retirement account for an asset that is treated differently for tax purposes than a retirement account.

Eliminate The Expense And Delay Associated With Futile Arguments About Property

With more than 45 years of experience as a family law attorney, and a thorough understanding of the tax effects of property exchanges as a result of divorce, I can help you make and understand these difficult decisions. Even if you decide to, or can agree on the other terms of your divorce, like child custody and child and spousal support, you should consider having an attorney experienced with property division process and tax consequences help you.

Located in San Ramon and Pleasanton, California, I can assist you throughout the state if an in-person meeting is not possible. Please contact me online or at 925-460-8000 to arrange a consultation. We serve clients in The East Bay and Tri-Valley areas and Contra Costa and Alameda counties.