Business Valuation Attorney In Pleasanton

Business owners face additional issues when going through a divorce. Not only do you have to worry about your own financial future, you also need to worry about the effect of your divorce on your partners.

You Need A Divorce Lawyer If You Are A Business Owner

Whether your business is small or large, privately or publicly owned, or local or international, bad publicity hurts the bottom line. You would ideally like to keep your private life, including your divorce, private. You also want to protect what you, your family or your partners have built over time and the income potential in the future.

Taking advantage of the many, court-approved alternative dispute resolution procedures, called ADRs, can help you do this. ADR proceedings can remain confidential as they do not take place in public courtrooms and you are not filing pleadings or paperwork with the clerk of court. This is especially important if you have an angry or vindictive spouse who might use every opportunity to disparage you and your company.

Convincing your spouse to agree to mediation or arbitration is not always difficult when he or she understands the cost savings and the efficiency of the process. Although property and income valuation experts are still needed to help in the process of valuation and division of your marital property, the overall expense is still significantly less than paying experts to prepare for depositions, cross and direct examinations in court.

I have more than 45 years of experience representing high-asset business owners and professionals who are going through divorces. I can advise you on valuation, taxation and transfer issues as well as the effect of income projections on your child and spousal support obligations now and in the future.

Contact A Pleasanton Business Valuation Lawyer And Business Owner Advocate

Having substantial experience over the course of my career representing business owners, I understand the issues you are concerned about. As an attorney, I have a well-honed background in evaluating the tax and legal implications of the settlement options you might have.

I can assist you in my San Ramon or Pleasanton, California, office or through a virtual/online meeting arrangement that is convenient for you. Please contact me online or call me at 925-460-8000 to arrange a personal consultation.