Divorce Lawyer For Professionals In Pleasanton

Professionals, or professional couples, going through divorce very often have high net income, a large amount of property to divide and an ownership interest in a professional practice. Valuing assets and liabilities at an amount agreeable to each spouse, is often a major challenge when a professional, income-generating practice is involved.

If you are married to, or are a licensed professional like a doctor, lawyer or dentist, you need experienced legal representation. You have the potential to lose a significant amount of future income if your share or your spouse's share of a professional practice is not valued properly or accurately.

Value Future Income Fairly And Accurately

Without an experienced family law attorney to protect you, your future income can be at risk. At Silverman Divorce Law and Mediation, we work with an extensive network of experienced valuation experts who can thoroughly review your professional practice and prepare a detailed valuation report.

Our experts have appeared in court numerous times. They provide credible and detailed testimony to support their valuation of your practice. Even if you resolve your divorce through mediation or arbitration, having a reputable expert investigate and value the business future cash flow is essential to establishing child and spousal support amounts and dividing the assets in the marital estate.

Guard Your Professional Reputation Against Rumors

In addition to earnings disputes, professionals have to worry about their reputations, especially in smaller communities. Managing your professional reputation while going through a divorce is an important and difficult task if you have a vindictive spouse.

Working through all of the gossip channels and public media available, these spouses often will stop at nothing when seeking revenge. Paradoxically, if your business suffers because of his or her behavior and you have less income, the angry spouse will likely see lowered alimony or support payments. Vindictive behavior can also drive children away from that parent.

Pleasanton Divorce Attorney For Professionals

Many professionals going through a divorce face legal costs above and beyond what other couples do, especially if they go to trial. For this reason, couples will often choose to try to resolve and finalize the terms of their divorce through alternative means such as mediation or arbitration.

We will work aggressively to protect your reputation and your professional practice. Located in Pleasanton, California, you may call us at 925-460-8000 or contact us online to make an appointment. Our offices are located in Pleasanton and San Ramon, California We serve clients in The East Bay and Tri-Valley areas and Contra Costa and Alameda counties.