Put A Certified Family Law Specialist On Your Side

Becoming a certified family law specialist in California is no small feat. For an attorney, it requires years of hands-on experience representing clients in family law cases. It also involves classroom instruction and the ability to pass a complex exam concerning all aspects of this area of law.

I am attorney Bruce Silverman, the founder of Silverman Divorce & Mediation Law. I am a family law specialist who has been practicing in the area of family law since my admission to The State Bar of California in 1967. I routinely resolve divorce and child custody matters through mediation, collaborative law, and other alternative dispute resolution methods.

Why Would You Wish To Hire A Certified Family Law Specialist?

California forbids lawyers from advertising themselves as specialists or experts without first achieving certification. When retaining a specialist, this certification ensures you will receive representation from an attorney with the education, experience and ethical qualifications to handle your case knowledgeably and responsibly.

This means that the attorney you retain can:

Specialists have a proven track record of having gone beyond the conventional licensing requirements. Otherwise, the California Board of Legal Specialization would not approve of their application.

Devoted To Providing You The Best Possible Representation

Whatever the family law issue, I will strive toward providing you with the best possible result. To find out more about the representation I will provide or to set up a free initial consultation, please contact my law office in Pleasanton by calling 925-401-7339.