Pleasanton Divorce And Mediation Law Firm

At Silverman Divorce and Mediation Law, I understand what you are going through. Not only have I been representing and counseling people for 45 years, I have gone through a divorce myself. I am also a certified family law specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.

Because of my experience, and representing hundreds of clients going through divorce, I firmly believe that the litigation process exacts an unfair toll from your financial and emotional health for years to come. It is because of that belief that I welcomed court-approved alternatives to litigation and became certified to offer these to my clients.

In the last several years, the public also has become more familiar and accepting of non-court ways of reaching an agreement on the terms of a divorce. These processes, known generally as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, help reduce animosity and greatly reduce the cost of a divorce.

I have been in the trenches. I came back and so will you. But you need the right lawyer to help you get there. I do not want to simply get you through. I want you to be strong, be financially secure and be able to have a relationship with your children and families. In the long run, that is what will allow you to move forward in your new life.

Please review my experience and credentials at the attorney link below and contact me online or at 925-401-7339 for an initial phone consultation. With offices in Pleasanton and San Ramon, California, I serve clients throughout the state.