Collaborative Family Law Attorney In Pleasanton

Whether you are going through a complicated, high-asset divorce or trying to modify a custody arrangement years after your divorce is over, I can help.

With over 45 years of exclusive family law experience in California, I am able to understand the issues you face and how they impact you, financially and emotionally.

Helping You Make The Right Decision

At Silverman Divorce & Mediation Law, we focus our years of experience on resolving your family law issues so that you can move forward with your life. I can represent you or help you and your spouse negotiate a settlement that benefits both of you.

I appreciate that you are unique and that a problem someone else had, might affect you differently than it did him or her. What solved the issue for that client, may not resolve it for you. Having an attorney who understands this is one of the most important reasons to hire one lawyer over another. Your lawyer should understand why something is important to you and why it is worth pursuing.

Because family law matters like divorce-related issues and spousal support, custody disputes and child support payments, and dividing property are highly emotional issues; having a caring and empathetic attorney by your side is essential. I also assist clients with drafting and negotiating prenuptial agreements.

Exploring All Of Your Legal Options

I can help you see your legal options through a clear lens, unclouded by emotion or fear of the future. Over the 45 years of my career, I do know that making these important decisions is difficult when the subject is your future happiness and financial security.

You can be assured that I will be with you every step of the way. I routinely represent individuals in arbitration and the mediation process to resolve disputes. I will support you and advocate for you.

Pleasanton Collaborative Family Law Attorney Bruce S. Silverman Can Help You

When you have a family law problem, there are many good alternatives to litigation to help you reach a settlement faster and less expensively. I can help you select the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method, or represent you in court and at trial when necessary.

You can contact me online or at 925-401-7339 to set up an appointment. With offices located in Pleasanton and San Ramon, California, I serve clients in The East Bay and Tri-Valley areas and Contra Costa and Alameda counties.