"Without Bruce's help the situation might have escalated into a bitter legal battle with all the parties the losers..." — R.W., Esq.

"Thank you for your assistance with this matter. Your attitude, flexibility and knowledge have made this difficult experience much easier." — J.A.

"I respect his legal expertise, his persuasiveness and his skills as a trial lawyer...he has always been entirely reliable, and steadfast and true to his words. He has a good reputation among his colleagues and I believe it is well-deserved. He was always prepared, courteous and professional in handling my case." — M.H.B., Esq.

"...Bruce is an excellent Family Law attorney and possesses a quality of being zealous in advancing his client's case, without sacrificing the innocent parties to divorce." — R.C.B., Esq.

"Upon the recommendation of several colleagues, I retained Bruce to represent me in a marital dissolution. I was and remained extremely impressed by Bruce's knowledge and skills in the Family law area. He displayed a clear grasp of the issues, an indisputable knowledge of the current status of the law as well as emerging trends, and made appropriate strategic and tactical recommendations as the matter proceeded. I observed his skill in negotiation, depositions trial and was extremely impressed by all of them. Bruce approached matters not only with an eye on the letter of the law, but also with a keen sense of the spirit of it. He moved to resolve matters expeditiously, avoid conflict, preserve the dignity of the parties and prevented needless expense and litigation..." — R.M.L., Esq.

"I know Mr. Silverman to be a highly knowledgeable, experienced and talented Family Law lawyer..." — A.Z., M.D.

"Over the years I have recommended Bruce to friends and colleagues who were in need of a divorce attorney because I know Bruce to be highly professional, honest, ethical and sincere. He has the work quality of truly identifying with his clients, understanding their needs and of being very qualified at his specialty." — K.H.W., D.D.S.

"...Over the past 20 years I have referred acquaintances and firm clients to Bruce for representation in Family Law matters. All other referred clients have been complimentary of Bruce's representation. Not only did they feel they were competently represented, but they felt he was compassionate with their personal problems and fair in his compensation..." — D.E.B., Esq.

"Bruce represented me in a dignified manner, with precision and clarity regarding the resolution of legal issues and a sensitivity for the concerns of the mother of a very young child." — M.L.C.

"...Bruce Silverman is a hard working and very bright attorney who literally devotes himself to representing a client and protecting a client's best interest..." — R.M.G., Esq.

"...Bruce's willingness to encourage...a fair and equitable settlement, to work diligently to keep down the costs of litigation for both sides and his willingness to look at the issues from both sides was both evident and extremely helpful in resolving a very difficult case..." — C.C. G., Esq.

"...I have always found Bruce among the most competent of practitioners in the Family Law field and have litigated against all the best ones..." — B.E.K., Esq.

"...While consistently manifesting the highest professional and ethical standards, Bruce also maintains a sincere concern regarding my life, my family and my future. He was always available in times of need and invariably provided the necessary amount of wise advice or solace which enabled me and my family to deal with the persistent stress the case imposed upon us. He was truly a superb advocate and his modest fee did not begin to reflect the massive amount of time and effort he invested in my case..." — R.D.K.

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