The Use Of Arbitration To Resolve Your Family Law Issues

As legal costs skyrocket, arbitration has emerged as a popular and effective alternative to litigation. In certain legal disputes, like divorce and family law, it allows people to receive top-quality adjudication to quickly settle their disputes.

What Is Arbitration And Why Will It Help Me?

Divorcing spouses who want to avoid expensive court litigation, often choose to hire me to represent them at an arbitration proceeding. Arbitrations are cost-effective for both parties. And, most of the time, the arbitrator will make a decision about the divorce, or post-divorce issue, in significantly less time than a judge could.

Please call me at 925-401-7339 to understand if arbitrating your divorce or family issue is right for you. Once you decide to try arbitration, the case will proceed as follows:

  • I will contact your spouse or the attorney representing him or her, to suggest that we select an arbitrator for your case.
  • If you and your spouse do not agree on one person, then usually you and your spouse would each pick one arbitrator who will agree to a third arbitrator.
  • The chosen arbitrator will then set a timeline to determine when documents are due and when the actual arbitration will occur.
  • The arbitration is a less formal version of a trial, with the arbitrator acting as judge. The rules and procedures of a trial are not strictly followed or necessarily needed in an arbitration proceeding, which helps move things along faster than in court.
  • As your attorney, I will represent you and advocate for you. I will protect your financial interests and your custody rights. Your spouse's lawyer will attempt to do the same for him or her.
  • While a trial, and all of the preparation leading up to it, could cost tens of thousands of dollars and take several days to complete, an arbitration can be done in a day. Although there is still substantial preparation to do before then, removing the formalities of depositions and interrogatories saves a tremendous amount of time and resources.

Eventually, the arbitrator will make decisions about the terms of your divorce based upon the evidence and testimony presented. You and your spouse can agree in advance that the arbitrator's decision will or will not have the same legal authority as a decision made by a judge.

Arbitration Can Avoid Expensive Litigation And Provide Faster Resolution

As an arbitration lawyer with four decades of experience, I can help you resolve your issues. I can represent you in an arbitration proceeding, saving you time and money while obtaining a good and fair outcome for you and your children.

Please contact me online or at 925-401-7339 to arrange a consultation. Silverman Divorce & Mediation Law, in Pleasanton, California, represents clients in The East Bay and Tri-Valley areas and Contra Costa and Alameda counties.