Divorce Lawyer In Pleasanton

Almost everyone facing divorce would like to keep the process as "civilized" as possible. Trying to resolve your divorce without going through expensive litigation helps you save time, money and your health. In many cases, a negotiated agreement is very possible if both parties want to avoid court.

Alternatives to litigation can help you foster a civil relationship with your spouse and extended family when the divorce is over. At Silverman Divorce and Mediation Law, I will use all of my experience and resources to help you resolve your issues and achieve those goals at a reasonable cost.

These processes, known as "alternative dispute resolution" procedures or "ADRs," work well in uncontested divorces when two people want a fair division of their assets, income and liabilities. Interestingly, ADR is also very effective at resolving issues with a difficult spouse who is angry and vindictive, and may accuse the other, unfairly, of domestic violence.

Why Having A Lawyer Is Important: Avoiding These Expensive Mistakes

  • Spousal support: Agreements on spousal support require special legal language. Many people think they are waiving or capping the time or amount of support. Without having the proper terminology in the agreement, it is not valid.
  • Child support: Ending or modifying existing support agreements can increase or decrease the spousal support obligation when you might not realize it will.
  • Pensions, retirement accounts, real estate and mortgages: Transferring title to the house will not relieve you of liability to pay the mortgage. When the mortgage is still in your name and your spouse misses a payment, it will affect your credit and your ability to obtain a mortgage to buy another house. People also trade the market value of retirement accounts for other assets that have severe tax consequences.
  • Valuing and dividing businesses and professional practices: Business owners and professionals can avoid involving their business partners in expensive litigation and keep matters private.

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I can help couples file for divorce and avoid the bitterness and anger that normally accompany the adversarial litigation process. This will benefit your children and save you substantial professional fees.

I will assist you in coming to an agreement with your spouse on the terms of your divorce, draft the agreement and file the divorce settlement agreement with the court. Please contact me online or call me at 925-460-8000. I serve clients in Pleasanton, California, and the surrounding areas.